I’ve written and Illustrated a children’s book! Its a poem about a girl called Willow from Liverpool who gets bullied on her first day at school.
With the help of her new friend Zach, she soon realises that the people who mind don’t matter, and the people who matter don’t mind.

Get a copy here: very limited quantity:

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New custom toy.

story board roughs

Anonymous said: your artwork is cool. I've followed you for a few years and you seem to get better all the time. how do you do this?

thank you so much!
I practice all the time, and I always have :)

Making story boards is sooo hard

Story boards take so long
Constance looks better in Orange…

Some development work for a project I’m working on. Cynthia, Rita & Jade.

Benji & Steve go the funfair

A short animation I made 3 years ago.

turntechdawghead said: Were you self trained or did someone teach you how to draw?

Hey, thanks for your question! I’m self trained. :)