story board roughs

Anonymous said: your artwork is cool. I've followed you for a few years and you seem to get better all the time. how do you do this?

thank you so much!
I practice all the time, and I always have :)

Making story boards is sooo hard

Story boards take so long
Constance looks better in Orange…

Some development work for a project I’m working on. Cynthia, Rita & Jade.

Benji & Steve go the funfair

A short animation I made 3 years ago.

turntechdawghead said: Were you self trained or did someone teach you how to draw?

Hey, thanks for your question! I’m self trained. :)

Betty, Constance and Lola!
Some character development from a short story I’ve been working on…

Character design. #character #characterdesign #lauravonburns #lauraburns #liverpool #illustration #art #design
Sneak preview